Cover letter and CV advice

Cover letter and CV advice

This section provides guidance on how to successfully apply for your next role. Get your cover letter and CV noticed with these tips on how to compose a winning application.

10 things to remember when writing a covering letter

A good covering email will make your CV stand out from the countless others that pass across an employer's desk. Here are 10 ways to ensure yours makes an impact:

1. Address the contact mentioned in the job advert and quote the reference 

2. Outline your current job situation and why you want to move on - don’t be negative 

3. Talk about the company to show you’ve done your research 

4. State why you are interested in them as an employer 

5. Tell them why they should be interested in you as an employee 

6. Tailor information to the job and avoid repetition 

7. Highlight your transferable skills, achievements and versatility 

8. Tailor your information but don’t slavishly match the job description 

9. Make sure it’s neat, brief and has no typos 

10. End by politely expressing interest in further dialogue 

Find jobs to apply for here. Bear in mind that you can include a covering letter page in your CV document when you submit an application.