Growing your career

Growing your career

Career progression requires planning and a commitment to continuous development. This section offers guidance on how to remain marketable, position yourself for promotion, handle negotiations around pay and more.

Why dressing appropriately for work matters
We ask our experts why it matters to dress appropriately for the workplace.
The five daily habits that will improve your hireability
Zen Recruitment, recruitment experts share five daily habits that will improve your hireability.
The feel good factor of corporate charity days
Find out the benefits of getting your team on board with corporate charity days.
How to address work/life imbalance
Read our five tips to find out ways for spending more time doing the things you love.
How to resolve a conflict at work
Can you feel a growing tension with one of your colleagues? Zen Recruitment discusses how to resolve a conflict at work to get the best outcome for all involved.
How to express your anger at work

Four tips on how to constructively express your anger in the workplace.
Do you suffer from imposter syndrome?

An article about imposter syndrome and how sufferers can overcome the effects of this psychological problem.
Ways to boost your happiness at work

Find out how to boost your happiness at work and get back to your usual self with advice from Zen Recruitment.
How to perfect your presentation skills
Effective presentation skills can get you noticed, hired, promoted and even headhunted and so stand you in good stead throughout your professional career.
How to stay marketable
Keeping your skills fresh, current and relevant is the best way to stay marketable. Align your skill set with your company's plans, as well as those of potential employers.
How to get a promotion
Promotions aren't given to anyone in a business, therefore you need to impress your employer by proving your ready to take the next step in your career. With smart preparation, the right attitude and a good support network, you will be in a strong position to take that step. Read our tips that can help you secure a promotion.
Negotiating a pay rise
When negotiating a pay rise it is critical you don't approach your employer unprepared. A lack of knowledge and research will lower your confidence and will likely result in a negative outcome.
What is networking?
Networking is key to a successful and growing career. Networking is to build long-term relationships with key people, however this isn't always 'business people'. You can build strong networks with friends, family or sport teams. A good networker will invest their time in getting to know people. The more effort you put in the higher the possibility they will be able to assist you one day.
Could social media kill your career?
Don't inadvertently lose out on that job. Follow this guide to make sure you look your best on social media.
Moving into management

Making the move into management may generate fresh challenges and place new responsibilities on your shoulders. Preparation and a willingness to learn new skills are key to ensuring you adapt and contribute successfully as part the management structure of your company.
How to change your career path
Most people will contemplate changing career or switching job type at some stage during their working lives. Not all will go through with it, but for those who do, the move can prove an extremely rewarding and edifying experience.
How to relocate for a job
People choose to relocate for work for many reasons; a new job, an employer moving premises, a promotion, lifestyle improvements or a change of career are just some examples.
The merits of finding a mentor
A mentor can be a huge source of inspiration, advice and knowledge at any stage in your career – but particularly in the early days. Unlike any normal business contact, a mentor is someone who offers ongoing guidance and a long-term investment in your future goals.
Why sharpening your soft skills could spell success
Whether you’re seeking an accounting job, legal job or leisure job – one thing remains consistent, it’s a competitive job market out there.
Six tips for face-to-face networking
Whatever industry you’re in, networking can play an important part in career success. The web has made it easier than ever to connect and maintain contact with useful connections, but it’s still not a substitute for building relationships in a more traditional, face-to-face manner.
Seven  ways to keep motivated when working from home
You’re the envy of many office dwellers; those who sit in morning traffic, counting down the miles to work each day, or stand hunched and bleary-eyed in the aisles of trains and tubes; those whose shirts stick to the backs of their swivel chairs in the summer or long for a woolly jumper instead of their suit in the winter.
Making the most out of your appraisal
If the prospect of an appraisal makes you anxious, it’s time to determine exactly what it is you want to get out of the process.
How to beat the afternoon slump
We all know that time after lunch when your desk starts to resemble a feather pillow and as your vision blurs and your eyelids droop, you notice the office collectively falling into a lull.
Seven things that should be said more at work
Happiness and engagement at work is essential for high productivity, good morale and strong motivation levels.
How to love your job
Most people get that Monday morning feeling; it’s understandable after you’ve spent two days off to be feeling slightly out of sorts when your alarm goes off and you have to get back into work mode.
How to prepare for maternity leave
You’ve told your parents, your granny and the man in the corner shop that you’re pregnant. Now you need to tell your boss.
How to become indispensible at work
According to some studies, the fear of losing your job can be more harmful to your health than actually losing it. Here are our top tips on how to make yourself indispensable at work.