Six ways to sell yourself as a great employer

Sell yourself as a great employer

The fight to attract top talent is fierce. Not only is there often a shortage of skilled individuals with the niche expertise required, but candidates are also cautious of moving roles in an uncertain economic climate. It may prove difficult to attract suitable professionals to your company and those who are willing to move may be seeking a very strong employer proposition and benefits to match.

Employers can’t be passive in their hiring activity; they need to proactively seek out quality candidates and work hard to create a strong employer proposition to sell themselves to these prospective candidates.

1. Get social

The web now provides an abundance of opportunities to promote your brand online, as well as widening the scope of your recruitment efforts. The use of social networking sites has opened up new, direct channels to search for and reach potential applicants for your vacancy. In addition, your social media presence can reveal the true personality of your brand and give a potential candidate an insight into life at your organisation.

2. A great ad

A well-written, well-targeted advert can play a huge role in the success of your recruitment drive. Pay close attention to the language used and make sure you highlight the benefits of working for your company as a whole, rather than just the requirements of the role. Make sure your tone of voice is ‘on brand’ and your language is engaging and personable.

3. Shout out your brand message

No-one knows your brand better than you, so make sure you clearly communicate why you love your brand and why others should love it too. Candidates want to feel a synergy with the ethos of an organisation and feel a genuine connection with the company before making the leap into joining them. More than ever, candidates are eager to find long-term security from a job – so make sure you communicate good performance results, awards, past successes and any plans for future growth.

4. Be socially responsible

Increasingly, candidates are looking for companies who promote socially responsible practices. Strong green credentials (a good environmental policy and ecologically-aware work environment) and charitable activities are often high on their wish lists. Things like the cycle to work or payroll giving schemes are all appealing attributes.

5. What makes you unique?

Is there anything that makes you particularly unique – do you have a quirky office space or a level hierarchical structure? Can you offer swift career progression or the chance to work internationally? Know your unique selling point and make sure you communicate it effectively.

6. Little perks

What special, added extras does your company offer? Do you offer free breakfast for staff, away days, training opportunities, fruit in the office, great parties, dress down Fridays or a beer trolley after work? When considering similar positions with similar salaries, these little perks may just convince a great candidate to choose your company over the competition.